Watch “80 Helio Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Self Defense Techniques by the Migliarese Brothers” on YouTube

There are many people who have a perception that there are no strikes in Brazilian jiu jitsu…unfortunately Brazilian jiu jitsu has been divided now into sports and self defence aka Gracie jiu jitsu and Brazilian jiu jitsu…and there is a difference if you break it down. Though, like many arts that don’t focus on grappling, jiu jitsus focus is not towards striking but in defending them. The striking is basic. Just like any other art if you want to focus more on striki g, then train in a striking focused art like boxing or kick boxing. Just as boxing doesn’t focus on grappling but has a grappling/clinch or tie up part from in close boxing. In our classes we follow the Gracie self defence curriculum under the Pedro sauer association

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