How much does training cost?

The real cost of training…

When most people want to start training, they want to know the cost…and most only think about how much the classes will cost them, whether it’s a casual, monthly, yearly or whatever…

The cost of training is more than you think, especially if you’re serious about it, and it’s something no one thinks about or talks about

I’m going to use training for a marathon as an example, but this can apply for any type of training.

You sign up for a marathon race and pay the fee…Boom – you’re done!…not quite.

Now you can just run without anything else, maybe watch some YouTube tips for free or get serious.

Firstly you need equipment to train.
A new pair of runners or maybe a few to get the right ones, you’ll need some good socks so your feet don’t blister and feel like your soles are not burning.
You might get some some specific training clothes (shorts, singlets, compressions, running jacket etc…
Oh and there’s the mandatory gear you will need for the race – these are specific for the event to comply.
Waterproof jacket, pants, thermal gear, gloves, camelpak, first aid, collapsible cup, torch, emergency blanket and a few other bits and pieces.

You’ll most likely need some vaseline for chaffing.
If you have injuries, you’ll go through loads of tape…anyone the runs or trains BJJ will know this can become costly, not to mention if people always use your tape.

You’ll need a good training program, so you might hire a coach for strength and conditioning training…that costs. On top of that you’ll need strength training equipment – you can either get a gym membership or invest into your own equipment – that’s another cost

You’ll need a good nutrition plan, so you might hire someone for that also, or you’ll have to invest loads of time into studying about foods, and there’s the cost of groceries for your food.

You’ll need maintenance, so regular weekly massages will be needed to keep yourself tuned up.
You might get some injuries along the way, so maybe there will be Dr visits, physios, specialists, scans etc…

You will start to lose weight if you’re serious, and once you lose weight you will need a new wardrobe because your old clothes don’t fit anymore, unless you’re wanting to go back to being overweight again.

Now here’s things that will not cost you money but will cost you personally…

TIME…it will cost you a lot of personal time
You will need to be committed and dedicated if you want to be serious.
Dedicated time for training, eating and sleeping.
It could cost you relationships, because you will be spending alot of time training.
You might have a partner who is not into training and you are and they might complain you spend too much time training.
You might not see friends much because you are committed to training.
You might not go out anymore because you’re too exhausted after a long run or training session.
You might have kids, and not spend time with them because you’re too tired. This can cause arguments in the relationship.

You will have days you are miserable, let’s say after a long run or something, and all you want to do is lay down and not move.
You will feel shitty some days.

Not to mention if you work also or run a business like myself.
There’s running the business, coaching, private lessons and training again in the evenings…all these are costs.

So next time you ask how much does training cost, ask yourself what are you willing to invest??

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